Von Loops / Audiolog

A collaboration between Lars Agersbæk (Larry Von Loop/Larry Cool) and Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Rørbæk (Fuad Von Loop/Audiolog)


Audiolog is a Copenhagen based techno producer and DJ. He is mostly known in the Copenhagen electronic underground under the name Von Loops, a techno duo with his long time friend and mentor Lars Agersbæk. In 2010 he began producing his own tracks under the name Audiolog. He is known for his great live acts and has performed at events in Denmark, Sweden and Brazil. Audiolog’s style is inspired from old-school Industrial to modern techno and house, which are the key elements to his unique style.


Sound Design

Max For Live patches


  • Audiolog Samplebank 1 (115mb) - gear and software used: Elektron Monomachine, Novation Drumstation, Elektron MachineDrum, Native Instruments Reaktor and Ableton Live